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Thai Food - 25 Traditional Dishes to Eat in Thailand Tom Yum Goong. Tom Yum is a hot and sour soup with flavors that will turn anyone into a food lover. It originated in the... Pad Thai. Pad Thai is the national food of Thailand and famous all over the world. It's a stir-fried rice noodle dish,.... The most served dish in all meals, rice is treated with respect and never wasted. Thailand grows and serves many varieties of rice, and Jasmine is the most favored, but also the most expensive. Glutinous, or sticky rice is also fairly common, and white rice is abundant and less expensive than Jasmine rice while still being delicious Minced pork with Thai basil is like a staple food in Thailand, and it is a dish you will never miss in most, if not all of the Thai eateries. The dish is prepared by cooking the minced pork in a hot pan together with the Thai basil leaves, soy sauce, oyster sauce, garlic, and chilies Khao man gai or khao mun gai, literally meaning oily rice [with] chicken, is one of the most popular Thai dishes; it can be found everywhere in Thailand from streetfood stalls to restaurants. It is originally from Hainan, China. In Thailand, khao man gai is served with cucumbers, chicken blood tofu, coriander, and a bowl of soup Larb Gai is a classic, traditional Thai dish that is made with pork in Thailand, but this recipe uses chicken. Fresh mint is a key ingredient. Enjoy it hot over cold greens or on rice. Continue to 5 of 14 below

If you're looking for more of a heathy Thai food, gaeng jued would be a good option. It's basically a vegetable soup of carrots, cabbage, onions, pork, usually tofu, and glass noodles that is normally flavored with pork (but you can also order it as a vegetarian Thai food if you would like) Gai Tod is a Thai street food fusion classic. 7. Guay Tiew (Noodle Soup) This is a very popular dish amongst locals and can be any type of noodle soup. It is often made with chicken, beef, or pork and either rice noodles or egg noodles. Some vendors may even add meatballs or wontons to give it some extra flare One of the more healthy Thai foods is a clear vegetable soup filled with a combination of carrots, cabbage, onions, minced pork, tofu, glass noodles, and garnished with fresh parsley. Gang jued is.. Thailand. Just as nuanced as its culture and geography, Thai cuisine is known for its emphasis on balance and complexity. Fresh herbs and aromatic spices make for flavorful, sweet-and-savory dishes that are often served over rice and coconut-based sauces. Discover a variety of Thai food products in our food shop

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Breakfast dishes Chok - a rice porridge commonly eaten in Thailand for breakfast. Similar to the rice congee eaten in other parts of Asia. Khao khai chiao - an omelet ( khai chiao) with white rice, often eaten with a chili sauce and slices of cucumber. Khao tom - a Thai style rice soup, usually with. Thai food is generally classified into 4 types; rice dishes which vary from region to region, with the north and north-eastern regions preferring the sticky variety of rice and central Thailand preferring the more fragrant variety When an article on the World's 50 Best Foods was published in 2017, seven Thai dishes made it to the list, the most of any country. 35,000 people worldwide were polled by CNN Travel and the Thai dishes they voted into the list were tom yum goong, pad thai, som tam, massaman curry, gaeng keow wan, khao pad, and mu nam tok

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Thai Food - 25 Traditional dishes to eat in Thailan

  1. Not only is Thai food delicious, but it is also super cheap. Depending on where it is visitors are eating, you can expect to pay as little as ฿35 for a large, tasty Thai meal. Some noodle dishes can be even cheaper, and many of the meals that do not consist of noodles are served with a large helping of rice
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  3. Thai Peanut Chicken and Noodles This versatile chicken recipe is very similar to chicken pad Thai but easier to make and tastes just as good. Rice noodles can be swapped with mung bean noodles or any type of egg noodles. —Kristina Segarra, Yonkers, New Yor
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The Best 10 Thai Restaurants in Fremont, CA. 1. Sala Thai. A friend told me this place was the best Thai food she had in the Bay Area so we came more. 2. Le Moose Crepe Cafe. salad. I ordered their Thai Green Curry Crepe, which included chicken, spinach, and green curry sauce more. 3 Food tourism has grown in Thailand over the last few years and there are a number of great street food tours available, especially in Bangkok. If you are not comfortable finding local places to eat on your own, you can always join a group and let a local expert lead the way 10 Thai Street Food Dishes to Try (And Where to Find Them) When it comes to eating out, street food is high up on the list of preferred choices for Thais. Thai street food Share. For intrepid foodies willing to put their taste buds to the test, here's your chance to venture out and really taste Thai food as the locals know it..

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Traditional Food In Thailand: 15 Dishes You Must Try

Thai cuisine is a simple yet clever combination of Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into that je ne sais quoi. Sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy flavours work together to make each dish come alive. Thai food varies depending upon the area or region of Thailand the dish originates from Thai food is delicious. Learn easy Thai recipes and home cooking with over 65 recipes. Simple step-by-step and photos for the best Thai food at home Thai food is taste-based. Thai food is very much a taste based cuisine. Taste testing is an extremely essential step in cooking Thai food. Even on the streets of Thailand when you order green papaya salad they occasionally will ask you to taste test it to make sure it's alright to your liking before spooning it into a bag to go Thai food carefully blends elements from traditional Southeast Asian cuisine to achieve a complex yet balanced flavour, combining sweet, sour, bitter and salty tastes. Thailand food also has unique regional dishes that correspond to the northern, north-eastern, central and southern areas of the country Thailand: Thailand's Food Trends in 2021. (link is external) The global COVID-19 health crisis changed the behavior of consumers, increasing their preference towards products that support immune systems and enhance their wellness. At the same time, food and beverage products produced sustainably are becoming more popular as consumers become.

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Thailand is the world largest exporter of rice, and it is the staple part of a Thai diet. Rice is by no means just a food source in Thai culture but is also associated with certain gods and traditions, differing in certain regions. It is unacceptable in Thailand to leave rice on your plate to be thrown away, as it is widely believed that it. Royal Thai cuisine is commonly thought of as the apex of Thai food, considered one of the most popular foods in the world. Said to have been created during the days of the ancient Ayutthaya court, Royal Thai cuisine survived many a political upheaval to serve as a powerful weapon for diplomacy Thai Food is usually either loved or hated; Thai dishes can be pungent and spicy - lots of garlic and chillies are used, especially phrík khîi nûu (literally 'mouse-shit peppers' - these are the small torpedo-shaped devils which can be pushed aside if you are timid about red-hot curries). Almost all Thai food (Thai: อาหารไทย) i s cooked with fresh ingredients, including.

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  1. The value of Thailand's food industry, including local consumption and exports, is expected to reach USD 102 billion in 2017.1 Thailand is also one of the largest net food exporting countries in the world and the second in Asia with a food trade balance at a record value of USD 16.7 billion in 2016 2 In leveraging its geography with local.
  2. Thailand In The Box offers Thai snacks online with FREE shipping worldwide. Every Thai Snacks Box consists of a variety of snacks with different tastes & the box content is personalized based on your preferences. Experience the best of Thai food and handmade souvenirs with Thailand in The Box. Order your Thai Snacks today
  3. foodpanda : Food delivery from local favourites in Thailand. foodpanda Thailand provides a great selection of curated restaurants and shops in various cities in Thailand such as Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and many more cities in Thailand. Our service is currently on website and mobile application on Apple App Store and Google Play Store
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  5. Thai Food. Thai food and Thai cuisine. Spicy or not. Somtam. Traditional or modern. Tips and receipe resource channel with tastings and recommendations. Followers 5. 1737 topics in this forum. Sort By

100 Thai Dishes to Eat in Bangkok: The Ultimate Eating Guid

  1. Siam Thai Restaurant. My first time here. The. Favorite Thai food in Tampa!. 6. Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen. Excellant Thai Lunch Buffet!. 7
  2. Dining in Thailand is more than just the country's street stalls and traditional markets. Nowadays, many top-rated restaurants and resorts have invited world-renowned chefs to create culinary wonders, which means that you can enjoy fabulous cuisine at a lesser cost than in the west. Royal Thai cuisine is a wonder in itself and definitely worth trying, but stree
  3. Thai food and Thai cuisine. Spicy or not. Somtam. Traditional or modern. Tips and receipe resource channel with tastings and recommendations
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  6. Food delivery services are among the few local businesses that will not only survive but thrive throughout the outbreak in Thailand. Last year Kasikorn Bank Research reported that Thailand's food delivery business in 2019 was worth 33-35 billion baht, up 14% from the previous year

The Thai food guide is a hanging flag, known as 'the nutrition flag'. The four layers in the nutrition flag denote the type and amount of the food groups that are recommended for consumption. Recommendations are as follows: (i) eat rice, rice products, other grains and starchy food groups in abundance; (ii) eat plenty of vegetables and. Satay Gai is a popular Thai dish and can be found both pretty much any Thai restaurants and at many local (Thai) street food venders (any decent sized night market here in Thailand will have them). There are two kinds of satay you find on the street: chicken skewers and pork skewers

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  2. Thaiger provides Thailand and the world with daily Thailand & Phuket Food Scene updates including news, articles, videos and more from local reporters
  3. Emerging Food Trends in Thailand 2019. From hyper-local produce, to hyper-exclusive reservations, these are the foods and dining concepts you can expect to see in Thailand in 2019, according to some of Thailand's favourite chefs and top food critic. Local trends

Here are 41 of our favorite Thai recipes, inspired by the cuisine's addictive sweet, savory, salty, and spicy flavors. If you take a deep dive into our recipe database, you'll notice a few. Thailand Food & Beverage Reports: Our 2021 Thailand report include trends, statistics, opportunities, sales data, market share, segmentation projections on the Food & Beverage market. page 2. Thai cuisine is very popular in western world. In fact, two Thai dishes - Pad Thai (stir-fried noodles) and Tom Yum Goong (Spicy and Sour Shrimp soup) - are available in every corner of the world. 3. The way Thai people dine and eat food at restaurants is also very different

Two Thai women traditionally eating a selection of freshly cooked Northern Thai food of fresh vegetables, soups and curries served in dishes on a wooden table, along with sticky rice, which is a food staple in Northern and Northeast Thailand. thai food stock pictures, royalty-free photos & image Thai desserts are yet another explorable sector of the extensive realm of best Thai dishes. An indulgence of Thai desserts is an eye-opener to a new angle of Thailand's sweet flavors and a food gastro-adventure that's sure to never get boring Thailand has a year-round agricultural season and vibrant agri-food industry, producing the largest exports of cassava, canned tuna, canned pineapple, rice and sugar as well as a variety of other. The Thai cuisine is also known for stunning fruit and vegetable carvings. Thailand Facts | Thailand Economy. Thailand is the second biggest economy in South East Asia - after Indonesia. Thailand is one of the largest orchid exporters in the world. In 2018 Thailand exported more than 50,000 tonnes of orchids The Thailand Board of Investment (BOI), the key government agency entrusted with promoting investment in the country's strategic direction, is offering incentives in the form of exemptions on corporate income tax (CIT) and import duty on raw materials to both Thai and foreign investors, with a focus on enhancing R&D in food technology

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A lot of the Thai food you find outside of Thailand is actually adapted for foreigners. Even the Thai government has a list of recommendations for Thai restaurateurs thinking of opening eateries. Thai recipes and Thai food. Despite the fact that Thai food uses many of the same core ingredients as other South East Asian countries - chilli, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, fish sauce, palm. Thai Food Preparations 1. Heat oil in a wok. Wait until hot then add pork spare ribs, fry until nearly cooked. Remove from heat and drain. 3. Heat water in a big pot over medium heat, wait until boiling then add fried pork spare ribs. 4. Add the rest ingredients, and turn down to low heat. Simmer for 30-40 minutes until the spare ribs are tender Thailand's best sights and local secrets from travel experts you can trust. | Friendly and food-obsessed, hedonistic and historic, cultured and curious, Thailand tempts visitors with a smile as golden as the country's glittering temples and tropical beaches

Thailand has become synonymous with good food. Thai cuisine has an international reputation as good as they get. From humble street food to posh restaurants, from tried and tested to trendy and new, from common and convenient kuai tiao (noodle soup) to popular khao man kai (chicken and rice) to spicy som tam (papaya salad), and other dishes too many to list, Thai streets and restaurants are. Bangkok, Thailand About Blog EatingThaiFood is a food blog that showcases all kinds of tasty food including lots of street food, food reviews, restaurant reviews and lots of close-up lip-licking food photos. Eating Thai Food feeds you with the best restaurants in Bangkok, delicious Thai street food, and easy to cook Thai recipes. Frequency 2 posts / quarter Blog eatingthaifood.co Thai Food. by. David Thompson. 4.21 · Rating details · 1,419 ratings · 32 reviews. Thai Food gives the most comprehensive account of this ancient and exotic cuisine ever published in English. David Thompson shares his passion for the unique style of cooking that he believes to be one of the world's greatest cuisines

Thailand is composed of four regions with very distinct cultures, dialects, and, of course, food. Nam prik noom is famous in Northern Thailand, where fresh veggies and young chilis are plentiful Recipes for classic Thai green curry and pad Thai, plus traditional dishes from Singapore and Vietnam

Over time, this has combined with traditional Thai cuisine. Top street food options in this area include roast duck, crispy pork, rice porridge, pork dumplings, green curry with roti, baked bread and so much more. In fact, there is so much choice in such a small area that Bang Rak is a popular street food tour route Thailand food exports are still suffering from skyrocketing freight rates, which jumped in some directions, up to 300%. Last year's food exports decreased by 4.1% , lowering Thailand's ranking from 11 to 13 position among world's biggest food export countries. Thailand official bodies responsible for agriculture and food exports, hope to. Recipe Crispy Fried Oyster Omelette with Spicy Sweet Sour Chili Sauce. Oyster omelette is a popular Chinese cuisine dish in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and many parts of Asia for its savory taste. There are several variations of the oyster omelette; differ from the ingredients, the method of making and also the condiments to served compare to the originally Taiwanese version 1.5 mi. Chiyoda. Tasty Thai in Chiyoda. Good Hot Thai Food. 20. Sukhumvit Soi Thong Lo Tokyo Yaesu. 44 reviews Closed Now. Thai $$ - $$$. 0.7 mi The official site of Tourism Authority of Thailand. Amazing Thailand, Travel information, Travel guide, maps, hotels, accommodation, attractions, events & festivals, food, culture, shopping information to help you plan your Thailand vacations

ThaiTrade - Your Ultimate Sourcing Destination for Online. Reconsider travel to Thailand due to COVID-19.Read the entire Travel Advisory. Read the Department of State's COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Thailand due to COVID-19, indicating a high level of COVID-19 in the country. Your risk of contracting COVID-19 and developing. Thai Coconut, Broccoli and Coriander Soup. Feel-good greens and creamy, comforting coconut come together in less than half an hour for a weeknight dinner you can really get behind. Get This Recipe.

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The food of southern Thailand has a reputation for being spicy. And often, this reputation is justified. But below the surface there are so many otther flavors and outside influences at play. Thailand's food exporters have found opportunities in the midst of the current crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. As consumers worldwide visit supermarkets and dine in restaurants less often, they are buying more processed and canned foods to cook at home as well as more ready-to-eat foods To prevent wastage, food items once ordered must be consumed before the subsequent items are ordered. Valid for Dine-in only, takeaways are not permitted. Little Bangkok reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Items are subject to availability

Best Thai Food - Top 10 Delicious Thai Dishes to Try! 1. Som Tum - Papaya Salad. Papaya Salad is a distinctive Thai dish because it comes from the Northeast state of Issan and is generally either loved or hated. Ingredients include garlic, chiles, green beans, cherry tomatoes, and shredded raw papaya which are ground together using a pestle. Thailand has influenced Australian in some ways; it has had an impact on the way people eat and what they eat. There is an influence because Thai people have migrated to Australia over the years, and people from Australia have traveled there both bringing/bringing back recipes, ingredients and ways of eating. Many people cook Thai food in Australia Naturally, no Thai food list will be complete without some curry. My personal favorite is the gaeng daeng which is red curry. When made correctly (which is very easy to find in Thailand), this stunner of a dish is a fantastic meal. Fresh coconut milk is used to create the delicate flavor of the curry itself, leaving it thick and creamy Institute of Food Industry The main mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of the food industry of Thailand. And to publish the identity of Thailand. The collective wisdom passed down continuously from the past to the present to be recognized and acknowledged for consumers around the world Thailand is bordered by both Laos and Myanmar in the north, so much of its food reflects these particular country's cuisines, as well as of China. Much of the cuisine also largely differs because of the northern region's unique climate, which is both comfortable and cool, making it an ideal place to grow a number of different vegetables and herbs

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การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย (ททท.) จัดมหกรรมแพ็คเกจเพื่อการกินเที่ยวครั้งใหญ่แห่งปีกับโครงการ คิดถึงอาหารจานโปรด หรือ Thailand Food Paradise ขยาย. The nine qualitative guidelines of Thai FBDGs include: 1. eat a variety of foods from each of the five food groups and maintain proper weight, 2. eat adequate rice, or alternate carbohydrate, 3. eat plenty of vegetables and fruits regularly, 4. eat fish, lean meats, eggs, legumes and pulses regularly, 5. drink sufficient amount of milk every. The fully owned Thai company is set up to manufacture and export canned food, fruits and vegetables from Thailand. In time, we have managed to be Co-Packer, Food Consolidators, Cargo among others. Our business portfolio had increase from Canned Tuna, Sardines, Mackerel, Pineapple, Sweet Corn, Coconut, Rice, Sugar to be Thai Condiments including. In Thailand, people eat with a spoon in the right hand and fork in the left. The spoon is the primary utensil; the fork is only used to manipulate food. Only items not eaten with rice (e.g., chunks of fruit) are OK to eat with a fork Thai Dining Etiquette. Learn or review dining etiquette for Thailand. Topics for include, among others, mealtimes and typical food, national drinks, toasts, table manners, tipping etiquette, business lunch etiquette, host etiquette, guest etiquette, regional differences, dining etiquette in the home, and dining etiquette at a restaurant

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dwriter.blogger 3:00 AM Thai food articles 0 Comments Tom Yam's menu is a Thai dish of boiled curry, but with a spicy, salty, salty taste that is a combination of sweet and sour taste. T.. OUR BUSINESSES. As the first company to introduce international-style pizza to Thailand in the early 1980s, Minor Food has always been recognized as a constant forerunner and innovator in the ever-changing landscape of the global foodservice industry, with a track record in developing its restaurants into market leaders Sutee Products Co.,Ltd. We are one of the big food and beverage manufacturers in Thailand and named Sutee Products Company. The company was established in 1995 as a manufacturer and the exporter of food, snack, and beverage. Telephone(668) 8-917- 3812 AddressPAthum thani Thailand The amazing diversity of Thai cuisine makes Thailand one of the most exciting countries in the world to visit. Thai cuisine encompasses dishes from four distinct regions: the Central Plains, the North, Northeast and the South. The unifying factor is the way each uses spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavours to create vibrant and balanced tastes Thailand is one of the world's leading agricultural suppliers, primarily due to its well-developed food processing sector. The country has one of the most advanced food processing industries in Southeast Asia, which enables Thailand to export value-added products to international markets

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Thai food emphasizes both the heat of chilies and the use of fresh ingredients. Unlike other Asian cuisines, Thai food has a heavy focus on fresh ingredients, and less dried, preserved things. Thai curries usually feature fresh vegetables in a coconut milk broth with lemongrass, galangal leaves, or basil Here are 21 Healthy Thai Food dishes to try: Som Tam ส้มตำไทย. 1. Som Tam ส้มตำ. Famous and widely available throughout the country, is Thailand's green papaya salad, known much better as som tam (ส้มตำ). The fresh ingredients that go intosom tam (ส้มตำ) often include: shredded green papaya.

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17 June 2021, Rome - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today welcomed approval from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for five FAO-led projects in eight countries, totaling more than $46.6 million in funding. The decision was made during the 60th GEF Council Meeting and the 30th Least Developed Countries Fund. Food: The food in Thailand is fantastic and very cheap. Regardless of my budget, I usually eat street food because it's delicious, fresh, authentic, and is honestly the same thing you'll get in a restaurant. One can easily eat at a night market, sampling several different eats, for just a few dollars Thai Food. Jan 9, 2010 @ 1:01 am. Thank you very much. The informaton was very nice and the service was excellent. I hope you can take the time to visit the website, www.thai-food.in.th.  It is only just beginning but I think you will eventually find it to be a great resource to learn about Thai food basics and beyond. 4 Food industry is our core area of expertise and Thailand is a country of great variety of food products. Our main area of business is import of Thai food product to Poland and other East European countries, but we also help other overseas companies to source food products from Thailand

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Thai food is popular and famous all around the world and it doesn't need to be introduced anymore. If you reached this page you probably already tried some and heard plenty about it. The list of Thai dishes available in Thailand is incredibly vast, and each region has its specialities and personality THE Thai government has discovered that foreigners quite like Thai food. There are about 5,500 Thai restaurants around the world. In a plan ambitiously called Global Thai, the government aims to. Media in category Cuisine of Thailand The following 51 files are in this category, out of 51 total. Cha Yen - Mint Thai AUD2.50.jpg. Chef Pam's Signature Dish SQUAB IS THE NEW BEEF.jpg. Coconut baked rice from Tai Fat Thai restaurant in Yuen Long.jpg. Florian OnAir Bbq thailande.jpg. Food at Hua Hin Vegan Cafe.jpg. Fried locust Thailand.jpg. Getting there: From Thanon Saeree Thai Road, turn to Seri Thai Soi 7 alley. Drive until you see 7-11 store and turn left into Soi Nawamin 8 alley. The food stall will be on your left. Look for a stall with a gigantic bag of roasted peanuts and a bucket full of eggs. Contact: 086-506-0914 , 085-180-8105 , 086-884-1453 Thai food to go - An image of two different Thai dishes packed in takeout boxes containers. The box On the left is a seafood. Thai Food. Image of Thai food spicy sauce with vegetable. Thai Food and Jasmine Rice. Fresh Thai food stir fry with tofu and white jasmine rice. Thai food. Khao soy a famous northern thai food

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Thai food is commonly enjoyed in the United States, but you may wonder whether this cuisine is healthy. The traditional diet of Thailand features colorful vegetables, seafood, and meats that are. Food importer in Thailand. Products include fresh produce, European Cheese, IQF & Frozen Fruits & Vegetables, Dried products such as Nut, Seed, Bean, Dried Vegetable, Dried Fruit, Dried Mushroom and more importing from EU, Oceania, USA and Asia. 3sixty Food. 16, 18 Soi Chan 13. ChongnonsiYannawa Cost of food in Thailand increased 0.13 percent in May of 2021 over the same month in the previous year. Food Inflation in Thailand averaged 4.89 percent from 1977 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 26.34 percent in May of 1980 and a record low of -7.05 percent in November of 1984. This page provides the latest reported value for - Thailand Food Inflation - plus previous releases.

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Some southern Thai food is available within Bangkok's local market stalls that sell khao gaeng, (rice and curries) but it can be challenging to locate authentic southern Thai restaurants in the city As a whole, Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, but the flavours of Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the South have so much variation. The diverse climates, natural resources and influence of different neighbouring countries all play a part If you love Thai cuisine, you need to start paying attention to Isan Aug 13, 2019 Elisabeth Sherman. Food + Drink 7 best street food and shopping markets in Bangkok Aug 22, 2019 Eben Diskin. News Half of the tigers rescued from Thailand's infamous Tiger Temple have died Sep 17, 2019 Eben Diskin. Food + Drink. Food to Thailand Trends and opportunities The market. Thailand is the second-biggest economy in ASEAN and a major global tourism destination. This dynamic and consumer-driven market with rising disposable income and a huge visitor market of around 35 million is increasing its demand for imported food and beverages, offering many opportunities for Australian exporters What is GrabFood? GrabFood is a new food delivery service that helps you getting delicious food from local and popular restaurants in Bangkok. You can easily order via Grab app. When is GrabFood available? GrabFood is available everyday at 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM. What is GrabFood's coverage area 4 Delicious Thai Recipes For You: 1.Pad Thai Noodles: This dish is a popular street food enjoyed in Thailand. It is made of flat noodles, tofu and various flavoured sauces. The tangy and spicy item is also quick to prepare. Click here for recipe. 2.Raw Papaya Salad: Also known as Som Tum salad, it has the goodness of papaya

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