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Digitalis Species: purpurea Family: Plantaginaceae Uses (Ethnobotany): Was used to treat heart conditions, but is highly poisonous if used incorrectly. Life Cycle: Biennial Recommended Propagation Strategy: Seed Country Or Region Of Origin: Europe Wildlife Value: Nectar attracts bumblebees and hummingbirds Digitalis purpurea, the foxglove or common foxglove, is a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae, native to and widespread throughout most of temperate Europe. It has also naturalised in parts of North America and some other temperate regions. The plant is a popular garden subject, with many cultivars available. It is the original source of the heart medicine digoxin. The plant Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) contains the cardioactive glycoside digoxin. In the lily family, squill (Scilla maritima) contains scillaren, and lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) contains convallatoxin in the bulbs. Both glycosides have actions resembling Digitalis. Milkweeds (Asclepias spp.) are noted for the glycosides in the plant Digitalis purpurea. Digitalis purpurea is a native European foxglove woodland plant with spikes of tubular purple flowers with a spotted throat. However its cultivars appear in many guises, some dwarf and others very tall, with flowers in shades of pink, purple white and red, while other species contribute yellow or rusty brown shades to the range

Adding a bold, vertical dimension to perennial flower beds, shade gardens, and cottage gardens, Digitalis purpurea (Common Foxglove) is a stately biennial or short-lived perennial boasting tall, one-sided spires of pendant, tubular, bright rosy-purple flowers, 2-3 in. long (5-7 cm), with white speckled throats Details D. purpurea is a biennial or short-lived perennial, freely self-sowing, with a rosette of softly hairy, oval leaves and tall, one-sided spires of pendant, tubular, bright rosy-purple flowers 6cm long, spotted within, in summer. Plant range W Europe

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  1. Digitalis purpurea is a summer plant with tubular, colorful flowers and is very poisonous in all plant parts. Everything about care, location and pouring. Houseplant
  2. Digitalis. Scientific Name(s): Digitalis lanata Ehrh, Digitalis purpurea L. Common Name(s): Dead man's bells, Digitalis, Fairy cap, Fairy finger, Foxglove, Lady's thimble, Lion's mouth, Purple foxglove, Scotch mercury, Throatwort, Witch's bells, Woolly foxglove Medically reviewed by Drugs.com. Last updated on Nov 2, 2020. Clinical Overview Use. Digitalis has long been used as a treatment.
  3. Naamakukkaiskasvit - Scrophulariaceae) Suku: Sormustinkukat - Digitalis Kasvumuoto: 2-vuotinen ruoho
  4. Digitalis purpurea. possano uccidere un uomo: la dose mortale scende a 10 grammi per la droga essiccata. Una foglia fresca, contenente circa l'80% di acqua, può essere costituita da una quantità variabile di eterosidi, in genere compresa tra 1,6 e 4,8 mg, oltre a molecole saponosidiche (in grado di alterare l'assorbimento degli eterosidi a.
  5. Cristian w/o H, known by his one-man music project DIGITALIS PURPUREA, is a multi-instrumentalist sound artist. He works as a professional sound technician for dubbing and broadcasting, for which he has curated much production in the advertising and corporate areas. Furthermore, he has curated the sound design of exhibitions and plays. His musical creations are a mixture of Industrial, Electronica, Glam, Giallo, Conceptual Noise and Horror Themes. He is signed to Danse Macabre Records and Aura

Digitalis. 1. Foxgloves or purpureaFoxgloves or purpurea Growing in England cultivated in India Roots , leaves , seeds contains several poisonous glycosides. 2. + + Genin ( active part ) (steroid nucleus + lactone ring) Sugar ( physical properties) The term digitalis is used to refer to entire group of cardiac glycosides Digitalis (/ ˌ d ɪ dʒ ɪ ˈ t eɪ l ɪ s / or / ˌ d ɪ dʒ ɪ ˈ t æ l ɪ s /) is a genus of about 20 species of herbaceous perennial plants, shrubs, and biennials, commonly called foxgloves.. Digitalis is native to Europe, western Asia, and northwestern Africa. The flowers are tubular in shape, produced on a tall spike, and vary in colour with species, from purple to pink, white, and yellow

Digitalis purpurea is a BIENNIAL growing to 1.2 m (4ft) by 0.6 m (2ft in) at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) 5 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from June to September, and the seeds ripen from August to October. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees. It is noted for attracting wildlife Digitalis lanata: sepals 10-15 mm long and mostly 6-9 mm wide, and petals usually purple to pale pink or white (vs. D. purpurea, with sepals 7-10 mm long and 1-2.5 mm wide, and petals white to pale yellow) digitalis_purpurea - Twitch. Pause (space/k) Mute (m) Volume. Settings. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f) Stream Chat

Fingerborgsblomma (Digitalis purpurea) har fått sitt namn av att blommorna är klocklika och passar på ett finger likt en fingerborg. Blomman kallas ibland också digitalis efter det vetenskapliga namnet. Blommorna kan vara violetta, rosa eller vita, fläckiga invändigt, och sitter i ensidig klase på den cirka 1-1,5 m höga stjälken [1]. Fingerborgsblomman tillhör biennerna, de tvååriga växterna, men uppträder också som flerårig Digitalis purpurea subesp. amandiana. (mesmo género) Digitalis purpurea subesp. dubia for. mollis. (mesmo género) Digitalis thapsi. (mesmo género) Anarrhinum bellidifolium. (mesma família) Antirrhinum cirrhigerum Digitalis purpurea NADH dehydrogenase subunit F (ndhF) gene, complete cds; chloroplast gene for chloroplast product. 2,241 bp linear DNA. Accession: AF130150.1 GI: 6424691. Digitalis purpurea mRNA for progesterone 5-beta-reductase (p5Br gene) 1,357 bp linear mRNA. Accession: AJ310673.1 GI: 28874733 Vernacular names [ edit wikidata 'Digitalis purpurea'] English : purple foxglove, common foxglove, lady's glove, foxglove. العربية: قمعية أرجوانية. azərbaycanca: Purpur üskükotu. беларуская: Наперстаўка пурпуровая. català: Didalera, Didals, Digital purpúria, Digital. corsu: Arba ditali, Erba ditale

Digitalis Purpurea. November 21, 2012 ·. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore Digitalis Purpurea. 212 likes. www.digitalispurpurea.or (Digitalis purpurea) A piros gyűszűvirág kétéves, erősen mérgező hatású növény, amelynek az első évben a levelei, a második évben pedig a virágos hajtásai fejlődnek ki. Magas, látványos növény, melynek hosszú színes virágfüzérei nyáron június-júliusban nyílnak. A gyűszűvirág a kötetlen stílusú falusi kertek. Digitalis purpurea var. alba hort. Common Name(s): purple foxglove [English] Taxonomic Status: Current Standing: accepted Data Quality Indicators: Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards me Vingerhoedskruid (Digitalis) is een geslacht uit de weegbreefamilie (Plantaginaceae).Het geslacht telt wereldwijd meer dan 22 twee- en meerjarige soorten.. Het geslacht komt van nature voor in Europa, Noord-Afrika en westelijk Azië.De botanische naam Digitalis betekent vinger en die naam is gegeven omdat de bloem om de menselijke vinger past. De Nederlandse naam is afgeleid van de vorm van de.

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Revebjelle (Digitalis purpurea) er en svært giftig, kortlevd flerårig plante (toårig) i maskeblomstfamilien. Blomstene er purpurrøde, men i noen populasjoner finnes det planter med hvite og rosa blomster som følge av innblanding av hagerømlinger. Revebjelle vokser vilt i kyst- og fjordstrøk på Sørlandet og Vestlandet nord til Trøndela The foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), for instance, has a pink bell-shaped corolla pigmented with cyanidin and peonidin 3,5-diglucosides. Higher concentrations of the same pigments inside the bell makes patterns, called nectar guides or honey guides, which helps pollinating insects to the stigma and style. Not surprisingly, the nectar guides in. Foxglove is a well-known plant across the UK, which produces a spike of purple-pink flowers between June and September. It can grow up to 2m tall and is found in heathland, woodland edges and gardens. This pretty flower is also a valuable source of nectar for bees. Leaves: oval-shaped and hairy with a toothed margin The plant Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) contains the cardioactive glycoside digoxin. In the lily family, squill ( Scilla maritima) contains scillaren, and lily of the valley ( Convallaria majalis) contains convallatoxin in the bulbs. Both glycosides have actions resembling Digitalis

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Digitalis purpurea. Digitalis purpurea is een mooi en welbekend soort. Hij bereikt een hoogte van 1 - 1,5 meter. Snoeien. Digitalis purpurea (Vingerhoedskruid) snoeien. Knip de lange uitgebloeide bloemaren in juli tot aan de basis van de plant af om een tweede bloei van kleinere bloeiaren aan te moedigen Naparstnica purpurowa ( Digitalis purpurea L.) - gatunek rośliny należący do rodziny babkowatych (według systemów XX-wiecznych do trędownikowatych ). Po raz pierwszy została opisana w 1542 r. przez szwajcarskiego botanika Leonharta Fuchsa w jego dziele zatytułowanym New Kreuterbüch Digitalis purpurea was named by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus in his pivotal publication Species Plantarum in 1753. The generic name Digitalis comes from the Latin for finger (digitus), referring to the shape of the flowers. The specific epithet purpurea refers to the colour of the flowers, which are frequently purple (although a white-flowered form is fairly common). Common foxglove. Digitalis purpurea, known commonly as foxglove, is a flowering plant native to most parts of Europe. It is the original source of the heart medicine digoxin, (also called digitalis or digitalin). Digitalis, during its homeopathic provings slowed the pulse rate of those who took it

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La Digitalis purpurea (popolarmente chiamata digitale) titola il capitolo delle droghe digitaliche, caratterizzate da una precisa classe di molecole attive: saponine e glicosidi cardioattivi. L'aspetto raffinato ed elegante dei fiori di Digitalis purpurea non deve trarre in inganno: proprio per la particolarissima composizione molecolare, l'impiego di Digitalis purpurea, in fitoterapia, è. The common foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, is a common wild plant growing in woods and hedgerows.It is easy to spot with its large, purple-pink spikes of trumpet flowers in summer. It also makes an excellent garden plant, especially for shady positions

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Common foxglove, Digitalis purpurea Common or purple foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, is a biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial from western Europe in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae, which now contains the former fi gwort family, Scrophulariaceae, this used to be part of) that grows in woodland clearings Digitalis purpurea - Foxglove Phylum: Magnoliophyta - Class: Liliopsida - Order: Lamiales - Family: Plantaginaceae Wherever soil is disturbed, either by forestry clear-felling or earth moving prior to construction work, Foxgloves are usually among the first wildflowers to reappear, invariably in dense swarms 900. Location: Connecticut. Non-native species for North America that can become invasive under certain conditions. Some are Digitalis purpurea f. albiflora. Flowers are produced in the second year. In the first year only a basal rosette of leaves develops, and they overwinter as evergreen

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Digitalis purpurea 'Alba' Digitalis purpurea is a native European woodland plant with spikes of tubular purple flowers with a spotted throat. However its cultivars appear in many guises, some dwarf and others very tall, with flowers in shades of pink, purple white and red, while other species contribute yellow or rusty brown shades to the range Der Rote Fingerhut (Digitalis purpurea), auch Fingerhut, Fingerkraut, Fuchskraut, Schwulstkraut, Unserer-lieben-Frauen-Handschuh, Waldglöckchen, Waldschelle genannt, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Fingerhüte (Digitalis) in der Familie der Wegerichgewächse (Plantaginaceae). Der Gattungsname Digitalis leitet sich vom lateinischen Wort digitus für Finger ab und bezieht sich auf die. Digitalis parviflora Jacq. Digitalis purpurea L. ジギタリス. ジギタリスは別名を キツネノテブクロ (英名のfoxgloveの直訳である)と言う。. ヨーロッパ原産だが、観賞用あるいは薬用に世界中で栽培される。. 高さ1メートル前後で分枝しない。. 種小名 のpurpureaは「紫. Digitalis purpurea es una planta herbácea de escaso porte, no superando en la mayoría de las veces más de 20 cm de altura. En su morfología, presenta hojas de gran tamaño, con una flor espectacular de color rosáceo en forma de inflorescencia que sale en verano y los primeros meses de otoño

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DIGITALIS PURPUREA- foxglove granule Seroyal USA. Disclaimer: This homeopathic product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety or efficacy. FDA is not aware of scientific evidence to support homeopathy as effective.---- Omschrijving. Digitalis purpurea, gewoon vingerhoedskruid, pijpenkop, poppenschoentje op zijn hollands, is een bekende tuinplant die wij ook vaak verwilderd tegen kunnen komen in bosranden en open bosplekken.. Digitalis purpurea wordt vaak 90 tot 150 cm hoog en blijft soms ook lager.Digitalis purpurea is een vaste plant maar kan ook na 2 jaar verdwenen zijn

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Geographic subdivisions for Digitalis purpurea: NCo, KR, NCoRO, n&c SN, s SNH, CCo, SnFrB, WTR, PR : MAP CONTROLS 1. You can change the display of the base map and layers by clicking on the layer control box in the upper right-hand corner. 2. California county polygons can be turned off and on in the layer control box. 3 Digitalis Purpurea. Cristian w/o H, known by his one-man music project DIGITALIS PURPUREA, is a multi-instrumentalist sound artist. He works as a professional sound technician for dubbing and broadcasting, for which he has curated lots of production in the advertising and corporate areas. Furthermore, he has curated the sound design of. Digitalis purpurea f. parviflora (Lej.) K.Werner Digitalis purpurea subsp. gyspergerae (Rouy) Rouy, 1909 Digitalis purpurea var. alba Digitalis purpurea var. albiflora Lej. Digitalis purpurea var. gloxiniiflora hort. Digitalis purpurea var. gloxiniiflora hort. ex L.H.Bailey Digitalis purpurea var. gyspergerae (Rouy) Fiori Digitalis purpurea var. Digitalis purpurea in Kew Science Plants of the World online. The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Published on the internet. Accessed: 2020 June 20. Reference page. International Plant Names Index. 2020. Digitalis purpurea. Published online. Accessed: 20 June 2020. USDA, ARS, Germplasm Resources Information Network

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Providing architectural height to borders, Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot Rose' (Common Foxglove) is an eye-catching biennial or short-lived perennial boasting tall spires of outward-facing, funnel-shaped, pink flowers delicately speckled with maroon in the throat. Blooming profusely from early summer to midsummer, 'Camelot Rose' forms many sturdy, high-quality secondary flower spikes, which. Hochwachsend erreicht (bot.) Digitalis purpurea stolze 80 bis 130 Zentimeter. Diese attraktiv blühende Staude erfreut mit ihrer purpurnen Blütenpracht zwischen Juni und Juli. Ob auf Freiflächen in Gruppen oder im typischen Staudenbeet, sie ist ein Blickfang im Garten! Der Heimische Fingerhut ist vielen Gärtnern als Roter Fingerhut bekannt Digitalis purpurea Photo courtesy Joseph DiTomaso. Common names: foxglove Digitalis purpurea (foxglove) is an erect, knee-high to head-high herbaceous perennial (family Scrophulariaceae) found along the central and northern California coast and in Sierra Nevada foothills, infesting moist meadows and roadsides. All parts of the plant are toxic. It readily colonizes areas of soil disturbance. DIGITALIS PURPUREA L. - náprstník červený. Autor Ladislav Hoskovec | 13. 8. 2007. Rozšíření: Západní a jihozápadní Evropa, především Pyrenejský poloostrov, Francie, jihozápadní Německo a Británie, areál druhu okrajově zasahuje až k nám, téměř se však nevyskytuje v nížinách Čech a Moravy. V řadě oblastí. Digitalis purpurea 'Dalmatian Mix'. Foxglove. USDA Zone: 4-9. Plant number: 1.190.380. This is a unique selection of Foxglove, flowering well even the first year. It forms a low rosette of green leaves, with tall spikes of bells in colours ranging from white, purple and apricot, some with speckled throats. Deadhead first-year blooms by.

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Digitalis purpurea. The foxglove (Digitalis purpurea L., 1753) is a herbaceous plant of the family Scrophulariaceae. It is the best known species of the genus Digitalis Digitalis purpurea L., 1753: Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky. Náprstník červen. Digitalis purpurea foxgloves are biennial which means that plants establish and grow leaves in the first year, it will send up large spikes, then flower and produce seeds in the second. As a rule, they are hardy plants and can cope with any soil unless it is very wet or very dry

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Digitalis purpurea. Common or purple foxglove is a European biennial plant which was the source of chemicals in the drug digitalis. Common foxglove, Digitalis purpurea, is a biennial or short-lived herbaceous perennial from western Europe in the plantain family (Plantaginaceae, which now contains the former figwort family, Scrophulariaceae. Digitalis near Meencargagh - geograph.org.uk - 868084.jpg 480 × 640; 115 KB Digitalis purpurea (2943653545).jpg 260 × 216; 90 KB Digitalis purpurea blatt.jpeg 800 × 600; 65 K Folium Digitalis). Это собранные на первом году жизни вполне развитые розеточные листья без промедления выдержанные в течение получаса при температуре 55—60 °С и затем быстро высушенные Kegunaan sebagai obat. Kegunaan ekstrak dari Digitalis purpurea sebagai obat diperkenalkan pertama kali oleh William Withering.Sebagai obat, glikosida dari tanaman ini digunakan untuk memperkuat kerja jantung (positif inotrop). Ekstrak dari digitalis biasanya diambil dari daun-daun tanaman yang tumbuh pada tahun kedua A piros gyűszűvirág (Digitalis purpurea) az útifűfélék (Plataginaceae) családjába, a Digitalis nemzetségbe tartozó, erdei irtásokon, sík és hegyvidéken előforduló növényfaj. Európa legnagyobb részén megtalálható, az északi részek kivételével. Magyarországon vadon nem fordul elő, azonban kertekben dísznövényként használják

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Remedy: Digitalis Purpurea (Dig.). In homeopathy, Digitalis purpurea is used for a slow pulse- especially if an enlarged prostate, urinary problems or hepatitis are also present Digitalis purpurea is an herbaceous biennial or short-lived perennial plant. The leaves are spirally arranged, simple, 10-35 cm long and 5-12 cm broad, and are covered with gray-white pubescent and glandular hairs, imparting a woolly texture. The foliage forms a tight rosette at ground level in the first year Degețelul roșu (Digitalis purpurea) este o plantă toxică din familia Plantaginaceae (familia Scrophulariaceae).Denumirea sa provine de la forma florilor (latină digitus - deget).Descriere. Digitalis purpurea este o planta erbacee bienală sau o plantă perenă de scurtă durata. Frunzele sunt aranjate în spirală, simple, 10-35 cm (3,9-13,8 in) lungi și 5-12 cm (2-5 in) late și. Digitalis purpurea es el nombre botánico de esta especie perteneciente a la familia Scrophulariaceae y es conocida de forma común como: digital, dedalera, chupamieles, guadaperra y zapatitos de cristo. Sus sinonimias son las siguientes: Digitalis alba, Digitalis campbelliana, Digitalis carnea, Digitalis fucata, Digitalis gloxinioides, Digitalis gyspergerae, Digitalis intermedia, Digitalis.

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