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COCO Dataset Facts The COCO Dataset has 121,408 images The COCO Dataset has 883,331 object annotations The COCO Dataset has 80 classes The COCO Dataset median image ratio is 640 x 48 The MS COCO ( Microsoft Common Objects in Context) dataset is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, key-point detection, and captioning dataset. The dataset consists of 328K images. Splits: The first version of MS COCO dataset was released in 2014

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  1. The COCO dataset has been developed for large-scale object detection, captioning, and segmentation. The 2017 version of the dataset consists of images, bounding boxes, and their labels Note: * Certain images from the train and val sets do not have annotations. * Coco 2014 and 2017 datasets use the same image sets, but different train/val/test split
  2. What is the COCO Dataset? The Common Objects in Context ( COCO ) dataset is one of the most popular open source object recognition databases used to train deep learning programs. This database includes hundreds of thousands of images with millions of already labeled objects for training
  3. In this video, we take a deep dive into the Microsoft Common Objects in Context Dataset (COCO).We show a COCO object detector live, COCO benchmark results, C..
  4. COCO 2017 Dataset. Awsaf. • updated 10 months ago (Version 2) Data Tasks Code (13) Discussion Activity Metadata. Download (26 GB) New Notebook. more_vert. business_center
  5. Microsoft's Common Objects in Context dataset ( COCO) is the most popular object detection dataset at the moment. It is widely used to benchmark the performance of computer vision methods. Due to the popularity of the dataset, the format that COCO uses to store annotations is often the go-to format when creating a new custom object detection.
  6. COCO API - http://cocodataset.org/ COCO is a large image dataset designed for object detection, segmentation, person keypoints detection, stuff segmentation, and caption generation. This package provides Matlab, Python, and Lua APIs that assists in loading, parsing, and visualizing the annotations in COCO
  7. COCO Captions. COCO Captions contains over one and a half million captions describing over 330,000 images. For the training and validation images, five independent human generated captions are be provided for each image. Source: Microsoft COCO Captions: Data Collection and Evaluation Server. Homepage

How to analyze the COCO dataset for pose estimation Adding extra columns. Once we have converted our COCO into pandas dataframes, we can very easily add extra columns,... Number of keypoints. The number of bounding boxes with a specific number of keypoints is additional useful information. Scales.. COCO stands for the common object in context, and it means that images in the dataset are objects from everyday scenes. Advertisement It is a large-scale image dataset with annotations for object detection, image segmentation, image labeling, and keypoints(for image positioning) coco. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset. Note: * Some images from the train and validation sets don't have annotations. * Coco 2014 and 2017 uses the same images, but different train/val/test splits * The test split don't have any annotations (only images)

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  1. For the COCO data format, first of all, there is only a single JSON file for all the annotation in a dataset or one for each split of datasets(Train/Val/Test). The bounding box is express as the upper left starting coordinate and the box width and height, like bbox :[x,y,width,height]
  2. COCO is a widely used visual recognition dataset, designed to spur object detection research with a focus on full scene understanding. In particular: detecting non-iconic views of objects, localizing objects in images with pixel level precision, and detection of objects in complex scenes
  3. COCO-Stuff 10K dataset: Our first dataset, annotated by 10 in-house annotators at the University of Edinburgh. It includes 10K images from the training set of COCO. We provide a 9K/1K (train/val) split to make results comparable. The dataset includes 80 thing classes, 91 stuff classes and 1 class 'unlabeled'
  4. This is the 7th community update for the Universal Data Tool https://github.com/UniversalDataTool/universal-data-tool In this update, we show the new Import..
  5. About. Learn about PyTorch's features and capabilities. Community. Join the PyTorch developer community to contribute, learn, and get your questions answered
  6. To see the list of PyTorch built-in datasets, visit the following link. In this post, we will show you how to create a PyTorch dataset from COCO 2017. Here is the outline of this post: Downloading COCO Dataset; Create PyTorch Dataset; Downloading COCO Dataset. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset
  7. Microsoft COCO 2017 Dataset raw. Export Created. a year ago. 2020-07-07 2:38pm. Export Size. 121408 images. Annotations. coco-objects. Available Download Formats. COCO JSON. COCO JSON annotations are used with EfficientDet Pytorch and Detectron 2. CreateML JSON

Prepare COCO datasets¶ COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning datasetself. This tutorial will walk through the steps of preparing this dataset for GluonCV COCO dataset provides the labeling and segmentation of the objects in the images. A machine learning practitioner can take advantage of the labeled and segmented images to create a better performing object detection model. Objects in COCO

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  1. The COCO-a dataset contains a rich set of annotations. We provide two examples of the information that can be extracted and explored, for an object and a visual action contained in the dataset. The figure below on the left describes interactions between people. We list the most frequent visual actions that people perform together, postures that.
  2. ‍♀️오늘은 Object Detection, Segmentation, Keypoint Detection 등을 위한 데이터셋인 COCO Dataset 을 어떻게 사용해야 하는지 Pytorch를 이용해서 공부한 내용을 정리해보고자 합니다
  3. The COCO dataset is formatted in JSON and is a collection of info, licenses, images, annotations, categories (in most cases), and segment info (in one case). The info section contains high level information about the dataset. If you are creating your own dataset, you can fill in whatever is appropriate
  4. How to download COCO dataset images? Ask Question Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. Active 3 months ago. Viewed 5k times 2 $\begingroup$ I'm trying to download the COCO dataset images using the following COCO API command: from pycocotools.coco import COCO import requests catIds = COCO.getCatIds(catNms=['person','dog', 'car']).
  5. The term COCO(Common Objects In Context) actually refers to a dataset on the Internet that contains 330K images, 1.5 million object instances, and 80 object categories

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  1. Google coco annotator for a great tool you can use. This course teaches how to generate datasets automatically.) By the end of this course, you will: Have a full understanding of how COCO datasets work. Know how to use GIMP to create the components that go into a synthetic image dataset
  2. The Microsoft Common Objects in COntext (MS COCO) dataset contains 91 common object categories with 82 of them having more than 5,000 labeled instances, Fig.6. In total the dataset has 2,500,000 labeled instances in 328,000 images. In contrast to the popular ImageNet dataset [1], COCO has fewer cate-gories but more instances per category
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  4. The COCO-Tasks dataset was introduced in the following CVPR 2019 paper. If you use the dataset, please cite our paper. What Object Should I Use? - Task Driven Object Detection. Johann Sawatzky ∗, Yaser Souri ∗, Christian Grund, Juergen Gall. ∗ indicates equal contribution (alphabetically ordered) CVPR 2019. PDF Code

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Training an ML model on the COCO Dataset 21 Jan 2019. My current goal is to train an ML model on the COCO Dataset. Then be able to generate my own labeled training data to train on. So far, I have been using the maskrcnn-benchmark model by Facebook and training on COCO Dataset 2014. Here my Jupyter Notebook to go with this blog Make your own dataset for object detection/instance segmentation using labelme and transform the format to coco json format. Convert LabelMe annotations to COCO format in one step. labelme is a widely used is a graphical image annotation tool that supports classification, segmentation, instance segmentation and object detection formats. However. To download images from a specific category, you can use the COCO API.Here's a demo notebook going through this and other usages. The overall process is as follows: Install pycocotools; Download one of the annotations jsons from the COCO dataset; Now here's an example on how we could download a subset of the images containing a person and saving it in a local file It also includes localized narratives annotations for the full 123k images of the COCO dataset. 2020: Open Images V6 expands the annotation of the Open Images dataset with a large set of new visual relationships, human action annotations, and image-level labels. This release also adds localized narratives, a completely new form of multimodal.

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  1. 1| MS Coco. COCO is a large-scale object detection dataset that addresses three core research problems in scene understanding: detecting non-iconic views (or non-canonical perspectives) of objects, contextual reasoning between objects, and precise 2D localisation of objects. The dataset has several features, such as object segmentation.
  2. COCO dataset은 여러 일상 이미지들의 집합이고, 2017년 공개된 데이터 셋 기준으로, train2017 (19G) val2017 (788M) test2017 (6.3G) annotations (808M) 의 데이터를 제공하고 있습니다. 또한 328,000 장의 이미지와, 250만개의 label이 있습니다. COCO dataset은 여기에서 다운로드 가능합니다.
  3. Coco dataset. 1. COCO Dataset nk7260ynpa 20190406. 2. Core research problem 1. Detecting non-iconic views of objects 2. Contextual reasoning between objects 3. Precise 2D localization of objects. 3
  4. COCO-Text is a new large scale dataset for text detection and recognition in natural images. Version 1.3 of the dataset is out! 63,686 images, 145,859 text instances, 3 fine-grained text attributes. This dataset is based on the MSCOCO dataset. Text instances categorized into machine printed and handwritten text
  5. Open the COCO_Image_Viewer.ipynb in Jupyter notebook. Find the following cell inside the notebook which calls the display_image method to generate an SVG graph right inside the notebook. The first argument is the image id, for our demo datasets, there are totally 18 images, so you can try setting it from 0 to 17
  6. Python. pycocotools.coco.COCO. Examples. The following are 30 code examples for showing how to use pycocotools.coco.COCO () . These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example
  7. COCO was one of the first large scale datasets to annotate objects with more than just bounding boxes, and because of that it became a popular benchmark to use when testing out new detection models. The format COCO uses to store annotations has since become a de facto standard, and if you can convert your dataset to its style, a whole world of.
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These datasets are applied for machine-learning research and have been cited in peer-reviewed academic journals. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning. Major advances in this field can result from advances in learning algorithms (such as deep learning), computer hardware, and, less-intuitively, the availability of high-quality training datasets Prepare COCO datasets¶. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning datasetself. This tutorial will walk through the steps of preparing this dataset for object tracking in GluonCV class CocoCaptions (data. Dataset): `MS Coco Captions <http://mscoco.org/dataset/#captions-challenge2015>`_ Dataset. Args: root (string): Root directory where. Common Objects in Context Dataset Mirror. The COCO dataset is an excellent object detection dataset with 80 classes, 80,000 training images and 40,000 validation images. This is a mirror of that dataset because sometimes downloading from their website is slow. Images. 2014 Training images [80K/13GB

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For example, if you want to filter the COCO dataset to only contain people and cars, this guide will help. Note that this guide is for instances, not the other types of annotations (e.g. stuff). Let us know if you are interested in that. Filtering with COCO-Manager COCO Dataset 数据特点. COCO数据集有超过 200,000 张图片,80种物体类别. 所有的物体实例都用详细的分割mask进行了标注,共标注了超过 500,000 个物体实体. { person # 1 vehicle 交通工具 # 8 { bicycle car motorcycle airplane bus train truck boat } outdoor # 5 { traffic light fire hydrant stop sign. The COCO Assistant is designed (or being designed) to assist with this problem. Please note that currently, the Assistant can only help out with object detection datasets . Any contributions and/or suggestions are welcome

Microsoft COCO: Common Objects in Context Tsung-YiLin 1,MichaelMaire2,SergeBelongie ,JamesHays3,PietroPerona2, DevaRamanan4,PiotrDoll´ar5,andC.LawrenceZitnick5 1 Cornell 2 Caltech 3 Brown 4 UCIrvine 5 Microsoft Research Abstract. We present a new dataset with the goal of advancing the state-of-the-art in object recognition by placing the question of objec Register a COCO dataset. To tell Detectron2 how to obtain your dataset, we are going to register it. To demonstrate this process, we use the fruits nuts segmentation dataset which only has 3 classes: data, fig, and hazelnut. We'll train a segmentation model from an existing model pre-trained on the COCO dataset, available in detectron2's. coco Dataset은 detection, segmentation, captioning 데이터 집합입니다. c oco dataset을 이용하여 매년 detection, keypoints, stuff, Panopti, Captions의 카테고리로 매년 전 세계 다양한 기업과 학생들이 참가하는 대회를 운영하고 있습니다

既然如此,何不從數量龐大的COCO dataset下手來取得前人已經標記好的segmentation來用呢?以2017版本為例,如果您把它下載下來,會發現在annotations資料夾下有這些檔案: a) instances_train2017.json, instances_val2017.json 用於Object detection及segmentation的標記 DensePose-COCO Dataset We involve human annotators to establish dense correspondences from 2D images to surface-based representations of the human body. If done naively, this would require by manipulating a surface through rotations - which can be frustratingly inefficient

DL Workbench supports validation on COCO datasets for object detection, instance segmentation, image inpainting, and style transfer. DL Workbench supports only the format of the COCO validation datasets published in 2014 and 2017. Download COCO Dataset. To use a dataset from the COCO website, download annotations and images archives separately. Scaled YOLO v4 is the best neural network for object detection — the most accurate (55.8% AP Microsoft COCO test-dev) among neural network published. In addition, it is the best in terms of the ratio of speed to accuracy in the entire range of accuracy and speed from 15 FPS to 1774 FPS. Now it is the Top1 neural network for object detection Furthermore, we use COCO-Stuff to analyze: (a) the importance of stuff and thing classes in terms of their surface cover and how frequently they are mentioned in image captions; (b) the spatial relations between stuff and things, highlighting the rich contextual relations that make our dataset unique; (c) the performance of a modern semantic.

COCO Dataset 数据特点. COCO数据集有超过 200,000 张图片,80种物体类别. 所有的物体实例都用详细的分割mask进行了标注,共标注了超过 500,000 个物体实体. { person # 1 vehicle 交通工具 #8 {bicycle car motorcycle airplane bus train truck boat} outdoor #5 {traffic light fire hydrant stop sign parking. GLD v2 Explore COCO JSON. The Common Objects in Context (COCO) dataset originated in a 2014 paper Microsoft published. The dataset contains photos of 91 objects types that would be easily recognizable by a 4 year old. There are a total of 2.5 million labeled instances across 328,000 images

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This manner allows users to evaluate all the datasets as a single one by setting separate_eval=False.. Note: The option separate_eval=False assumes the datasets use self.data_infos during evaluation. Therefore, COCO datasets do not support this behavior since COCO datasets do not fully rely on self.data_infos for evaluation. Combining different types of datasets and evaluating them as a whole. 我們在前一篇:【教學】從Pascal Dataset中提取所需的類別資料 中已經介紹了什麼是PASCAL VOC Dataset,以及說明了為什麼要從開源資料集中提取特定了類別資料,不清楚的可以先去看那一篇。今天這一篇則是要教,怎麼從另一個常見的大型開源資料-MS COCO Dataset 來提取特定類別的資料

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Downloading, preprocessing, and uploading the COCO dataset. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset. Machine learning models that use the COCO dataset include: Before you can train a model on a Cloud TPU, you must prepare the training data. Since Cloud TPU charges begin when the TPU is set up, best practice. Microsoft COCO: Common Objects in Context. We present a new dataset with the goal of advancing the state-of-the-art in object recognition by placing the question of object recognition in the context of the broader question of scene understanding. This is achieved by gathering images of complex everyday scenes containing common objects in their. COCO Attribute Dataset Statistics: 84,000 images 180,000 unique objects 196 attributes 29 object categories 3.5 Million objection-attribute pairs Attribute Labels including references to COCO dataset images. Example of how to read COCO Attributes annotations Welcome to COCO-Bridge A Structural Detail and Defect Evaluation Dataset for Convolutional Neural Networks. This is a dataset which was developed for use in unmanned aircraft systems to assist in the bridge inspection process. By utilizing A.I, the drones may have a better time navigating in GPS denied environments, which is common around. presentations.cocodataset.org 1000 false COCO17-Detect-MSRA.pdf 2020-04-01T21:24:36.000Z 2275ddc26162e380c31cf16ce39f0045 1956170.

Computer Vision Datasets. Roboflow hosts free public computer vision datasets in many popular formats (including CreateML JSON, COCO JSON, Pascal VOC XML, YOLO v3, and Tensorflow TFRecords). For your convenience, we also have downsized and augmented versions available. If you'd like us to host your dataset, please get in touch COCO-2014 Segmentation¶. COCO is a large-scale object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset. This version contains images, bounding boxes, segmentations, and labels for the 2014 version of the dataset It contains photos of litter taken under diverse environments, from tropical beaches to London streets. These images are manually labeled and segmented according to a hierarchical taxonomy to train and evaluate object detection algorithms. The best way to know TACO is to explore our dataset. For convenience, annotations are provided in COCO. 2014版本的coco dataset包括82,783 个训练图像、40,504个验证图像以及40,775个测试图像,270k的分割出来的人以及886k的分割出来的物体。 80类物体类别 为何coco dataset 的准确率那么低? 但是COCO使用的是AP@(0.5:0.05:0.95),就会去算IOU threshold在0.5, 0.55 0.95时候的mAP然后取平均,这样对于localization的准确性要求比以前高很多,结果虽然比之前低,但是更能体现算法的真实性能.

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This paper describes the COCO-Text dataset. In recent years large-scale datasets like SUN and Imagenet drove the advancement of scene understanding and object recognition. The goal of COCO-Text is to advance state-of-the-art in text detection and recognition in natural images. The dataset is based on the MS COCO dataset, which contains images of complex everyday scenes. The images were not. This paper describes the COCO-Text dataset. In recent years large-scale datasets like SUN and Imagenet drove the advancement of scene understanding and object recognition. The goal of COCO-Text is to advance state-of-the-art in text detection and recognition in natural images. The dataset is based on the MS COCO dataset, which contains images of complex everyday scenes cocodataset.or Click Datasets in the top navbar. Then, click Create new data set and give it a name. Click Create. Note: Do not try to import our COCO dataset with the Import .zip file option. That option is for datasets in the MVI format. For the COCO format, MVI expects us to create a new dataset and then import our data

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Transforming a COCO dataset (SDK) Use the following example to transform bounding box information from a COCO format dataset into an Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels manifest file. The code uploads the created manifest file to your Amazon S3 bucket. The code also provides an AWS CLI command that you can use to upload your images You need to enable JavaScript to run this app The following are a set of Object Detection models on tfhub.dev, in the form of TF2 SavedModels and trained on COCO 2017 dataset. These models can be useful for out-of-the-box inference if you are interested in categories already in those datasets. The model's checkpoints are publicly available as a part of the TensorFlow Object Detection API Dataset Search. Try coronavirus covid-19 or education outcomes site:data.gov. Learn more about Dataset Search. ‫العربية‬. ‪Deutsch‬. ‪English‬ Export data labels. When you complete a data labeling project, you can export the label data from a labeling project. Doing so, allows you to capture both the reference to the data and its labels, and export them in COCO format or as an Azure Machine Learning dataset. Use the Export button on the Project details page of your labeling project

[BACKBONE] Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large-Scale Image Recognition (Topdown Heatmap + VGG on Coco ⇨) [DATASET] 2d Human Pose Estimation: New Benchmark and State of the Art Analysis (Topdown Heatmap + Shufflenetv2 on Mpii ⇨, Topdown Heatmap + Resnet on Mpii ⇨, Topdown Heatmap + CPM on Mpii ⇨, Topdown Heatmap + Hourglass on. COCO Dataset. 머신러닝을 위해 많은 데이터 셋이 만들어져 있는데, 그 중에 COCO dataset은 object detection, segmentation, keypoint detection 등을 위한 데이터셋으로, 매년 다른 데이터셋으로 전 세계의 여러 대학/기업이 참가하는 대회에 사용되고 있습니다 Use Custom Datasets ¶ Register a Dataset ¶. Here, the snippet associates a dataset named my_dataset with a function that returns the data. Metadata for Datasets ¶. Each dataset is associated with some metadata, accessible through MetadataCatalog.get... Register a COCO Format Dataset ¶. If your. The MPII dataset annotates ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, necks, torsos, and head tops, while COCO also includes some facial keypoints. For both of these datasets, foot annotations are limited to ankle position only. However, graphics applications such as avatar retargeting or 3D human shape reconstruction require foot. The dataset consists of a large-scale annotation of a subset of COCO, 18 of its 80 object categories, with goal-directed search fixations. Participants were 10 Stony Brook University undergraduate.

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Download COCO dataset. Run under 'datasets' directory. - coco.s MS COCO dataset is one of the largest object detection, segmentation, and captioning dataset ( Because of the huge size of the data( 123,287 images, 886,284 instances), COCO dataset is largely use def __init__ (self, dataset_name, tasks = None, distributed = True, output_dir = None, *, use_fast_impl = True, kpt_oks_sigmas = (),): Args: dataset_name (str): name of the dataset to be evaluated. It must have either the following corresponding metadata: json_file: the path to the COCO format annotation Or it must be in detectron2's standard dataset format so it can be converted to COCO. VQA is a dataset containing open-ended questions about images. These questions require an understanding of vision and language. Some of the interesting features of this dataset are: 265,016 images (COCO and abstract scenes) At least 3 questions (5.4 questions on average) per image; 10 ground truth answers per questio

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Dataset. We are making the version of FOIL dataset, used in ACL'17 work, available for others to use : Train : here; Test : here; The FOIL dataset annotation follows MS-COCO annotation, with minor modification. MS-COCO API could be used to load annotation, with minor modification in the code with respect to foil_id Ask questions How to download specific classes from COCO dataset. I would like the images and annotations for cars and people only in the COCO dataset. I would also like to have them in a csv format. Can anybody point me in a good direction? cocodataset/cocoapi. Answer questions ghost

Dataset Details 学習時、キャプションは PTBTorknizer in Stanford CoreNLP によって前処理推奨 (評価用サーバ、API(coco-caption)が評価時にそうしているため) Collected captions using Amazon Mechanical Turk 訓練データ 82,783画像 413,915キャプション バリデーションデータ 40,504画像. COCO Dataset 数据特点COCO数据集有超过 200,000 张图片,80种物体类别. 所有的物体实例都用详细的分割mask进行了标注,共标注了超过 500,000 个物体实体.{ person # 1 vehicle 交通工具 #8 {bicycle car motorcycle airplane.. pytorch coco 目标检测 DataLoader实现. pytorch实现目标检测目标检测算法首先要实现数据的读入,即实现Dataset和DataLoader两个类。 借助pycocotools实现了CoCo2017用于目标检测数据的读取,并使用cv2显示。. 分析. 使用cv2显示读入数据,或者要送入到网络的数据应该有三个部分. 图像,Nx3xHeight x Widt Ask questions How to filter COCO dataset classes & annotations for custom dataset? Hey everyone (new to Python & ML), I was able to filter the images using the code below with the COCO API, I performed this code multiple times for all the classes I needed, this is an example for category person, I did this for car and etc

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COCO Dataset COCO 的全称是 Common Objects in COntext,是微软团队提供的一个可以用来进行目标检测、图像分割、关键点检测、图像描述的数据集。 COCO 通过在 Flickr 上搜索 80 个对象类别和各种场景类型来收集图像,其使用了亚马逊的 Mechanical Turk (AMT) torchvision.datasets. 由于以上 Datasets 都是 torch.utils.data.Dataset 的子类,所以,他们也可以通过 torch.utils.data.DataLoader 使用多线程(python的多进程)。. 举例说明: torch.utils.data.DataLoader (coco_cap, batch_size=args.batchSize, shuffle=True, num_workers=args.nThreads) 在构造函数中,不同的. COCO 2017 Resized to 256x256 (Dataset) COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. academictorrents.com. COCO 2017 Resized to 256x256. COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. Academic Torrents. May 2 · New Torrent! Ukrainian Open Speech To Text Dataset 4.2 ~1200 hours. COCO 2017 Resized to 256x256 (Dataset) COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. academictorrents.com. COCO 2017 Resized to 256x256. COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. COCO: Common Objects in Context Resized to 256x245. Academic Torrents. May 2 at 8:47 AM · New Torrent! Ukrainian Open Speech To Text Dataset 4.2 ~1200.

convert dataset to coco/voc format. 背景. 万事开头难。之前写图像识别的博客教程,也是为了方便那些学了很多理论知识,却对实际项目无从下手的小伙伴,后来转到目标检测来了,师从烨兄、亚光兄,从他们那学了不少检测的知识和操作,今天也终于闲下了,准备写个检测系列的总结

Objekterkennung – WikipediaMulti-Modal Methods: Image Captioning (From Translation toYOLO: Real-Time Object Detectionsotabench: Semantic Segmentation on PASCAL VOC 2012 BenchmarkYOLO9000 Architecture - Faster, Stronger - GeeksforGeeks
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